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Our Philosophy of Play

To tell you the truth, at Anna's Toy Depot, we believe that you don't even need toys to really play.  This is because we believe that what is important in play is not the toy itself, but the "benefits" of real play to healthy, happy, human development.  Anna's Toy Depot sells toys that facilitate the kind of play that benefit children socially, emotionally, and/or physically.

The type of toys that serve a social benefit in play would be toys such as tea sets, puppets, games and dress up sets. With these toys children engage in conversation, take turns, and role play.  Playing this way teaches kids, in a safe environment, how to interact with one another and develop skills they will need to feel competent the in world.

The type of toys that serve an emotional benefit in play would be toys like puppets, doll house families, fantasy figurines, and play animals.  Playing with toys like these, a child can escape, nurture, protect, as well as express anger, sadness, fear..... Sometimes playing is an easier way to express one's feelings than trying to come up with the words.  Playing is a universal language!

In today's high-tech world of TV and video games, the physical benefits of traditional play are less a reality in our children's lives.  When fencing with toy swords or throwing a ball, while jumping rope or chasing a toy helicopter, kids are getting exercise without even realizing it!  How fantastic is it that something as simple as a ball can have people active and running for hours!?

So enjoy your visit with us!  We hope that looking at all our toys gives you tons of ideas on how to play with your kiddos today!  Remember that you don't actually need toys to really play, but they can be a great way to facilitate interaction, self expression and movement.  At Anna's Toy Depot, we believe play is not just fun, it is the way we learn to grow up!  
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