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What Is Sandtray Play?

Sandtray therapy is form of psychotherapy in which clients use miniature figures to create scenes in the sand.  Most sandtray therapists use a tray that is 30 x 20 x 3 inches with a blue floor and blue sides. Sandtray therapy is a form of play therapy that can have an advantage over traditional talk therapy because the expressive use of the small toys allows clients to create metaphors, allowing them to express feelings symbolically rather than verbally. The tactile, nonverbal experience promotes awareness of deeply personal emotional issues within a safe, therapeutic environment.

I really enjoy finding figures and figurines that will be used in sandtray play therapy. A few of the items available on this site are not toys, they are bakery items and decorative figurines that are for use only under the strictest supervision,  but they make excellent symbolic figures for sandtray play.

Check out the extensive line of people figurines and the landscape and religious symbols. I really try to keep the sandtray play toys affordable so that those using sandtray therapy in their practice have a vast array of choices in their playrooms! I have exhibited at the Sandplay Therapists of America regional conference and I sell many miniatures and figurines to sandtray play therapists and counselors worldwide.
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